Where we are? Where we go? What is the way? How are we going to go? Are we going well?

Surely you have heard phrases like this, every company, no matter how small, needs a marketing plan (commonly digital marketing plan) to achieve its business objectives, but what is a marketing plan?

A Marketing Plan is a written document that contains business objectives that we want to achieve in a certain time. This document contains the strategy and planned actions that will help us achieve these objectives.

In summary, it is an action plan that must be designed to achieve business objectives. It is usually accompanied by a budget and scorecard to be able to evaluate the result of each action and correct it.

The Internet is one more medium for achieving business objectives. If you want to face the challenge and the opportunities it presents, it is also necessary to define the strategy that we are going to follow.

Content of a Digital Marketing Plan

A marketing strategy always answers three basic questions. Who am I, where am I going and where do I want to go. A marketing plan helps us figure out how am I going to get there?

Therefore, a good plan must contain the following points. Its extension will be adapted to the characteristics and conditions of the company:

  • Analysis: Environment, Sector, Market, Competition, Potential Client.
  • SWOT: Comparison of my situation against the competition.
  • Definition of the Buyer Person and behavior.
  • Positioning and brand personality.
  • UPS
  • Business Goals.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Planned digital action plan.
  • Investment budget.
  • Control panel.
  • Contingency plan.


Why Invest in the Internet?

Because the Internet is the medium of trust, information, experience, and prescription, and especially because your client is there. Statistics of Pew Research, 90% of the US population between 18 and 65 years old has Internet access, making it the second most consumed medium. An average user is 5 hours and 18 minutes online compared to 3 hours on television.

It is the main source of information search, becoming a synonym of trust. 88% of Internet users say they have used the Internet in the last month to consult a product or service. 90% use it to search for information before purchasing a product or service, 24% of these users being information consultants on the Internet before visiting a retail store.

Allow having two-way communication with your potential client. 86% of the users of social networks declare to follow a brand and 39% follow them with intensity and 60% of these interact with advertising.

The user is influenced by the comments received by the brands. 52% say they feel influenced by the information they find on the internet about brands.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • There are no borders.
  • Your focus efforts.
  • You optimize costs.
  • You build a brand image.
  • You can quickly measure and correct actions.
  • It is a two-way communication channel.
  • Improve customer service.
  • You increase your user awareness.
  • It is a new sales channel.
  • We can compete with the greats.
  • It is permanent and universal.

Why do You Need a Digital Marketing Plan

All business schools determine that having a good business plan and a well-run strategy is a key factor in achieving success.

A marketing plan will help you solve answers: who is my target audience, how does it behave when buying my product or service, what should my brand positioning be, what is the way of showing myself, how can I differentiate myself from the competition, etc.

In short, how to bring your product or service to the market to get the sale. A marketing plan will help your business improve results and give you time to dedicate yourself to what’s important.

If you want, we can tell you in a more personalized way how a marketing plan can fit within your business. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Shall we speak?